Sarawak Cultural Village is an award-winning Living Museum that spans across 17-acres of land just across from Damai Beach Resort and Hotels. Experience Sarawak in Half-a-day at Sarawak Cultural Village and learn about the local culture and lifestyles of the various ethnic groups in Sarawak.


Ethnic House Attraction

  • Bidayuh Longhouse
  • Iban Longhouse
  • Orang Ulu Longhouse
  • Chinese Farmhouse
  • Melanau Tall House
  • Malay House
  • Penan Hut


Sarawak Cultural Village Package

RM290.00 Regular Price
RM220.40Sale Price

    This music house places collections of musical instruments from all over the world, music workshops and a short ‘live’ performance by our own award-winning and World Champions Tuku Kame musicians. Tuku Kame combines the traditional Sarawakian instruments of thirty ethnic races residing on the Island of Borneo played in contemporary tunes to create an infectious and exciting new sound.

    Recently, Tuku Kame has made Malaysia proud at the World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in Los Angeles, the United States from July 11-19, 2009, where they won 4 golds and Jerry Kamit also won in Individual Male Instrument with 4 golds.

    Music followers can purchase Tuku’ Kame’ band merchandise such as Vcds entitled TUKU KAME and GADONG at the SCV’s Handicraft shop. Purchase can also be made by contacting the founder of Tuku Kame, Narawi Hj. Rashidi at

    For interested guests who want to join the interactive music workshop for half an hour, RM15.00 will be charged per person inclusive with a guided tour around the music house



    Persada Ilmu is located at the existing Dewan Lagenda (Legend hall) and is functioning as an art learning centre. This learning centre comprises of Dance Studio, Library, Information Centre, Costume Gallery, Lecture Hall and Creativity Room. Guests can have their dance and music lesson here

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