Serikin Weekend Market which was started in 1992 has attracted steady flow of customer, both locals and tourist alike coming as far as West Malaysia, Singapore and also Brunei. The stalls at the market are mostly operated by Indonesian Trader who come every Friday evening to set up their for the following day. These stalls of makeshift structure offered variety of colourful fabric, ornamental wood carving, rattan handicrafts and many more. Serikin Weekend Market is synonymous for its cheap handicrafts and also colourful fabric. It is increasingly popular with both local and tourist alike. Every weekend carloads and busloads come to check out the variety of merchandise on offered. Don’t miss the chance to visit Pasar Serikin, if you happen to come to Bau. 

With the completion of the tar sealed road, travelling to Serikin Market is a pleasant journey, passing by beautiful kampung scenery along the way. 


Though most of the visitors coming to Serikin are in for the weekend market, there are other nature attractions around the Kampung. There are number of waterfall within the vicinity of the Kampung Serikin Jagoi, Kangang Waterfall and Tuboh Waterfall. Check out with us on the exact location if you want to hike to these places.


It is best to come early on Saturday morning when the weather is still cold and less crowds…providing you the luxury to browse through the variety of merchandise on offered. You won’t be disappointed as there is always something to your liking and the pockets also.

If you forget to bring along any something to protect you from the afternoon heat, there are variety shape and size of caps, hats and even traditional trendak on offered, make your pick.


Looking for something for that empty space in your garden at home, there are numerous ornamental plants and garden furniture on sale, wild orchids of different species and other wild ornamental plants.

OR just move to a new house and would like something beautiful for the master bedroom window, just browse through the many stalls that offered ready-made curtains, surely you can find one that suit your liking. Only thing is, don’t forget the measurement.


Serikin Weekend Market

RM250.00 Regular Price
RM200.00Sale Price
Cave Choice
  • Fairy Cave (also known as Gua Pari) is an impressive show cave near the former gold mining settlement of Bau and about 40km from Kuching, Sarawak.

    It is just a few minutes drive from another show cave, Wind Cave, and most tourists would combine both on a half-day trip from Kuching.

    Access to the cave is via a four storey concrete staircase which brings you to the cave entrance.

    You pass through a dim, narrow passage and up some steep wooden steps. It is fairly dark but you can manage without a torch, unlike Wind Cave where a torch is essential. Some might find this part rather claustrophobic but bear with it as the passage soon emerges into a massive cave with a huge opening which allows the light to flood in.



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